One on One Strategy Session - 1 hour
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One on One Strategy Session - 1 hour

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Do you have plans of becoming a hotel owner but don’t know where to start? If so, you’re going to love a one on on strategy call with Davonne Reaves of The Vonne Group. 

It's time to learn exactly what’s needed to become a successful hotel owner. 

During this One on One call we will discuss :

  • Developing and how to execute your investment strategy 
  • The various ways to raise capital 
  • How to determine which consultant/company is best for your team 

This One on One call is Perfect for:

  • Entrepreneurs 
  • Small Business Owners 
  • Real Estate Investors
  • Investors who want to diversify their portfolio

Why should you learn about hotel investing from Davonne Reaves of The Vonne Group?

  • Over 14 Years of hotel experience including operations, feasibility studies, asset management 
  • Award-winning Hospitality Strategist 
  • #1 New Release Amazon Author of "Tidbits for the Emerging Pineapple Professional" and Epiq Conversations on Wealth
  • Pathways to Hotel Ownership Expert
  • Successfully created a SEC-registered fund to invest in hotels 

Be on the lookout for a questionnaire in your confirmation email to be sure we get the most out of our call.

Customer Reviews

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Valecia Dunbar

One on One Strategy Session - 1 hour

One on One with Davonne!

Ms. Davonne is a firecracker!! This woman has so much knowledge about the hotel industry, it was a powerful hour and an honor to spend that one on one quality time with her. She shared invaluable information with me. I can’t thank her enough. She also gave me some great recommendations as well.

One-To-One Weekly Sessions with Davonne

I am thrilled to share my experience with Davonne and her exceptional team, who provided invaluable one-on-one weekly coaching sessions on hotel ownership. When I first ventured into the hotel industry, my excitement was coupled with a palpable sense of uncertainty. Having a hotel under contract, I was at a critical juncture; due to my lack of industry knowledge and a reliable broker, I was on the brink of losing $22,000 in earnest money. At this pivotal moment, Davonne's expertise became my guiding light.

Thanks to the astute advice and strategic insights provided by Davonne and her team, I could navigate this challenging situation successfully. Their intervention was timely and instrumental in helping me avoid a significant financial loss. I am profoundly grateful to Davonne for her unwavering support and the personalized attention she dedicated to my case.

Moreover, the one-on-one sessions with Davonne have been a transformative experience for me. Her deep understanding of the hotel industry and her ability to tailor her coaching to my specific needs has significantly boosted my confidence. I now approach my next hotel venture with a newfound sense of assurance and optimism. The knowledge and skills acquired through these sessions have empowered me to make informed decisions and pursue my business goals with greater conviction.

In conclusion, I cannot thank Davonne enough for her exceptional services. Her expertise and commitment to her client's success make her an invaluable asset to anyone looking to venture into the hotel industry. I am immensely grateful for her positive impact on my journey and highly recommend her coaching services to others seeking to navigate the complexities of hotel ownership with confidence and success.